General Overview: Sale 

We will make every effort to make the sale of your house/condo as smooth as possible. Here are some of the many things that we can do for you.  

1. Review your Sale Contract.

2. Do all necessary searches on the property including title and taxes in order to deal with any liens and financial encumbrances

3. Review your Real Property Report with you to determine if it is accurate, and order a new one if needed. 

4. Prepare all closing documents, including a Transfer of Land and the Statement of Adjustments, to adjust items such as taxes and condo fees between the seller and the purchaser. 

5. Meet with you at one of our offices to go over all the details and sign the documents. 

6. Communicate with the purchaser's lawyer on all things related to the transaction. 

7. Receive the funds from the purchaser to pay for the property.

8. Pay out all mortgages and all other relevant registrations, real estate commissions and closing costs.


9. Pay the net proceeds to you along with providing a detailed accounting of the funds. 


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