This agreement is for 18+ year old individuals

Enduring Power of Attorney allows someone that you trust to make financial decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to. Having a Power of Attorney is a proactive step so that if anything happens to you it ensures your family members or friends do not have to spend extra time or money going to court to become your trustee.

 Fee:$250.00 (Single)
 Fee:$400.00 ( Set of two) 

Before meeting with us: 

1. Select a person who could act on your behalf. 

2. Have an idea what you want to happen and any details that you think are important, such as: 

    a. Restrictions on what your attorney may do. 

    b. Specific decisions on what you want the money used for.

    c. When the Power of Attorney becomes activated.

When you meet with us, we will: 

1.Verify that you are capable to make these decisions. 

2. Ensure that the  designated people have the authority to make decisions for you.

3. Discuss all other important details .