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General Overview: Purchase 

We will make every effort to make the purchase of your new home as smooth as possible. When you choose us as your legal representative, here are some of the many things that we can do for you.  

1. If you wish, we will review your condo documents (Reserve Fund Study, By-laws, meeting minutes, etc) at an additional charge.

2. Review your Purchase Contract with you to see your interests are protected. 

3. Do all necessary searches on the property including  the Title, Taxes, and Condo plan (if needed) to make sure you get what you bargained for.

4. Receive Mortgage instructions from your bank and prepare your mortgage for you.

5. Receive the closing  documents from the seller's lawyer and review them to make sure your rights are protected.  

6. Confirm for you in advance the cash to close for the transaction which is required for your down payment, tax adjustments and closing costs .

7. Meet with you at one of our 6 offices to review and sign all the closing documents associated with your transaction. 



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